Investment News: Expanding Influence of BRICS Attracts 40 Nations in 2024

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Investment News: Expanding Influence of BRICS Attracts 40 Nations in 2024



The BRICS bloc, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is set to undergo its most considerable expansion yet. In 2024, 40 nations are reportedly preparing to apply for membership, driven by the bloc's increasing influence on global trade and economics. This move is indicative of a broader shift towards diversified global alliances and economic strategies beyond the Western-centric model.

Rising Global Interest in BRICS Membership

The Catalysts for Growing Appeal

Over the past two years, the BRICS bloc has significantly lessened its financial dependence on Western economies. This strategic pivot was primarily in response to the sanctions imposed on Russia in 2020. The collective’s focus on enhancing trade relationships within the bloc has proven to be an attractive prospect for many nations outside the Western sphere, thereby amplifying its appeal as a global economic partner.

Confirmation from Russian Federation Council

According to Girgory Karasin, head of the Russian Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, the interest in joining BRICS is not only growing but accelerating monthly. "More than 40 states are applying for BRICS membership, and every month the number of such countries is increasing," Karasin noted during a recent briefing. This statement underscores the shifting paradigms in global economic alliances, with BRICS at the forefront of this transformation.

Anticipated Developments at the 2024 BRICS Summit

A Historical Perspective on Expansion

The 2023 BRICS summit was a landmark event, with six countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Argentina, invited to join the alliance. However, Argentina declined the invitation due to a change in its governmental perspective, highlighting the complex political dynamics associated with such global movements.

Future Expansion Plans

The 2024 summit is expected to continue this trend of expansion. The increasing number of applications reflects a significant endorsement of the BRICS model of economic cooperation and integration. The summit in October will likely be a critical event, setting the stage for the future of international economic cooperation and the role of emerging economies in global governance.

Impact on Global Trade and Investment

Diversification of Economic Dependencies

The expansion of BRICS is a clear signal of the world’s evolving economic landscape, where diversification and strategic alliances form the cornerstone of national growth strategies. For investors and countries alike, the shift towards non-Western alliances like BRICS represents both an opportunity and a challenge, requiring adjustments in traditional economic and investment approaches.

Investment Opportunities and Challenges

For stakeholders in the global investment arena, the evolution of BRICS presents numerous opportunities and challenges. Investment news sites and daily investment news often highlight how shifts in such alliances affect market dynamics and investment landscapes. As countries from different continents express their interest in joining BRICS, international investors are closely monitoring these developments to adjust their strategies accordingly.


The expanding influence of BRICS is reshaping the global economic order, offering a new paradigm for international trade and cooperation. As 40 nations look to join the bloc in 2024, the implications for global markets, investment news, and economic strategies are profound. The forthcoming BRICS summit in October will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in further defining the future of global economic interactions.